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Pre-made Normal or Doypack Packaging Machine with Zipper or without Zipper for Solid, Liquid, Powder.| Rotary Packaging Machine | VFFS Vertical Packaging Machine | Food Packaging Machine | Vacuum Packaging Mchine | Multihead weigher.

Máquina envasadora rotativa  | Máquina envasadora vertical | Máquina envasadora vacío | Pesadora multicabezal.
Máquina Envasadora para Solido, Liquido, Polvo.

Automatically Open and Close premade pouch with zipper.

Abrir y cerrar zipper de bolsa automaticamente.

INFIPACK Spain. Packaging Solutions Pre made Normal or Doypack Rotary Packaging Machine with Zipper or without Zipper for Solid,Liquid,Powder,Pickle products. Vaccum packaging
Powder packaging Liquid packaging Liquid packaging


Food Packaging Bags:
For our customers we provider best Quality-Price bags to make the production guaranteed.
Doy pack pouches, Spout pouches, Flat bag…etc.

pet food pouch bag
Pet food packaging bag
stand up doy pack pouch bag
Stand up Doy pack pouch
spout doy pack pouch bag
Spout doy pack pouch

INFIPACK Guarantees your production!      ¡Garantizamos su producción!