100% Compostable Kraft Paper Stand up Pouch with Window | Bolsas de Plásticos Biodegradables

Accept customization Optional Bag type :
1.Stand Up With Zipper
2.Flat Bottom With Zipper
3.Side GussetedOptional Material :
1. Compostable
2. Kraft Paper with Foil
3. Glossy Finish Foil
4. Matte Finish With Foil
5. Glossy Varnish With Matte
Colors: Maximum 10 Colors


Product description

Material Structure: Kraft/PLA-PBAT

Feature: 100% Compostable , Eco Friendly ,Moisture Proof , Resealable

● Our paper pouch bags are made of food-grade kraft paper and PLA-PBAT, high quality and safe.
● With a single-sided matte transparent window , you can see the contents without open it.
● Heat sealing supported.

Use:  Dry Food

Compostable Packaging and Recyclable Packaging are the trend of packaging in future, specially during the time when different kind of waste and pollution are all over the place!
The bio-materials are developed from plants and are composted in 6 months under natural environment !
Certifications of materials are all avaliable to make sure you have the right and safe compostable packaging bags!