Box Bottom ECO-Friendly Coffee Pouch with Zip Lock

Accept customization Optional Bag type :
1.Stand Up With Zipper
2.Flat Bottom With Zipper
3.Side GussetedOptional Material :
1. Compostable
2. Kraft Paper with Foil
3. Glossy Finish Foil
4. Matte Finish With Foil
5. Glossy Varnish With Matte
Colors: Maximum 10 Colors


Product description

● ECO-Friendly
● One-way degassing valves release the pressure of trapped air and gas while preventing outside air from entering the bag.
● Thick Moisture-proof Inner can protect the food from moisture and odor, fit for long-time food preservation.
● Laminated material offers an excellent aluminum barrier to protect against moisture and air.
● Heat sealing supported.